Stringmania celebrates and explores the traditional arts of music, dance, language and song

Welcome to Stringmania 2020 Online Camp!

This is our virtual 'camp' event page, where you'll come each day to check the notice board for camp updates, view the schedule, navigate to your virtual classes, meals and events, and keep an eye on the camp whiteboard to request, offer or participate in unscheduled events, sessions and happenings. Bookmark this event page on your browser to easily attend camp each day! Check back regularly as we update the notice board and the camp makes a mess of the whiteboard, and to navigate around and find your classes. 


For information about the tutors, booking and general Stringmania information, visit the Stringmania website as usual. 

If you're wondering how an online camp will work, or what you need to do to attend, we've put together two guides: 'What is Stringmania Online' will help explain the nuts and bolts of how the camp will work and what to expect, and 'How to Stringmania Online' will help you prepare for camp.

Notice Board 

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Draft Camp Schedule

Camp map and class locations

Meals, village gathering & evening activities: Dining Room

Strings 1: Room 30

Strings 2: Rec Hall

Strings 3: Multi Room

Strings 4: Room 31

Forum: The Lawn


Lawn: Songwriting 

Rec Hall: Dance/Workout/Rhythm 

Multi Room: Music/Masterclass

All in: Multi Room

Slow Jam: Room 31

Whiteboard: Room 30

Click on the music icons on the map below (the map is of 'Arrabri' where we usually hold our camp!) to navigate to your class or event

Tutor Resources and class recordings

Click here to download resources such as tunes, chord charts and anything else the tutors would like to share with you. Use the password emailed to you at the start of camp.

If you've volunteered to record zoom classes, upload them here!

Community Whiteboard

This is where you can request, offer and plan for unofficial events, happenings and general chaos! 

(Refresh your browser if things look odd or the whiteboard is not working)