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Wed Sept 30 - Sun Oct 4

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Stringmania Camp

Stringmania is an immersive camp for string players who are passionate and curious about traditional and contemporary string music. The camp is a forum to explore our identity as multi-cultural Australians, musicians, and string players. While the camp revolves around fiddle, cello, double bass, guitar, song and dance, all instruments are welcome. If you are not a string player, we recommend you be technically self-sufficient on your instrument to ensure you get the most out of camp. Classes are not divided by age, gender or instrumental skill, but rather by your ear learning ability and confidence. Instructors rotate between groups so that each class is taught by each tutor.

The camp is built around four primary instrumental classes each day. These are taught by ear using call and response rather than reading notated music. Each class runs at a different speed of learning and goes into more or less depth over the same class time as appropriate. We are happy to help you select the right speed class to best fit your needs. The camp is immersive, inclusive and organic. This means that you won’t be told which classes to attend, or be separated by age or instrument. The nature of the camp allows you to challenge yourself in a faster paced class, or sit back and take your time in a slower class. You are free to move between classes based on what ear learning speed works for you at any point during the camp.

These classes are balanced by a variety of electives in rhythm, improvisation, dance and song, thought-provoking panel discussions, slow jams, skill swaps and master classes. A nightly slow jam, where the material taught that day is revisited at a slower pace is offered to help consolidate learning, and tutors will be available as much as practicable given the shift to an online event outside of classes to support individual needs. In the evenings, a mixture of programmed events balance all night jams, storytelling, relaxing with friends and maybe even sleeping. The camp culminates in a celebratory concert where we all take to the stage (and screen!) and share what we've learned and created over the course of the week with each other, friends and family.

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Stringmania Australia Inc. acknowledges the traditional custodianship of Country across Australia and the Torres Strait Islands. We acknowledge the Wurundjeri as traditional custodians of the land upon which our Camp takes place. We honour and respect their ongoing cultural and spiritual connection to Country and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.